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Health And Fitness - Attitude And Determination

Health And Fitness - Attitude and Determination

In my travels, I see so many people around the world that dont seem to look after their health. I dont really understand why these people do this. We have one live and one body for a certain amount of years. If we look after ourselves with the right food and exercise we will last longer and enjoy life with our friends and family. Not only that, we will not get sick often and instead enjoy doing what we like longer. I believe its all a matter of attitude and determination, but how to train people to change their way of life? How to make these people believe that their present condition is not for long if they carry on doing the same thing? Its the old saying nothing changes and nothing will change Any abuse for long periods is always going to be drastic. We know what alcohol, drugs and tobacco just to mention a few can do when abused.

Going back to the original question, why people dont look after themselves? Can the reason be any of the following?

Time In todays now mentality, people tend to skip the basic things in life and concentrate in the more urgent or to do matters. One should realise that the most important item that matters is you. Take time to prepare simple nutritional meals that dont take more than 15 minutes to prepare. If you are home then there is no excuse. But if you are really stuck for time (say lunch time at work) and only have 30 minutes, bring the meal already prepared from home. There are many different recipes or methods to do this.

Money The only reason I think to use the non affordability excuse is when you are leaving in the street and really have no money. However, depending on the country you are living social security can be enough to give you the support to have a nutritious meal. I have been in many countries and seen many people in various levels of wealth. I cant remember seeing a poor person that was obese and when I say poor I mean much below the average standard in that society.

Habit This is the habit of buying what one has bought in the past or what one has taken a liking to. You must realise that habits can be powerful and hard to break. But analysing them can make you understand and help you approach things in a different way. Next time you go to the store to buy your groceries question each item you buy. Avoid habits by rotating and mixing different type of foods, like vegetables, meat, fish, legumes and fruit. Dont get caught using carbohydrates that have very low nutrition? Normally, these foods are cheaper, but not so nutritious and may even do more harm than good.

Innocence OK, so you dont know what you dont know! With todays information technology there is no reason why one should be innocent about looking after themselves. There is a lot of information in the internet, libraries and even your doctor that can give you enough knowledge to know what to do, dont be shy to ask.

Comfort Food Most so called comfort foods are ones that you feel good and happy eating them. However, most have high sugar content and bad carbohydrates. Instead, change to more wholesome foods and if you need a snack try a small portion of fruit or nuts to give your body the nutrition and hence the energy it needs.

No excuse! If you are not suffering from an illness or a medical condition that needs the intake of drugs that for whatever reason makes you put on weight (beyond the scope of this article), excuses are not acceptable. Get on with it, change your attitude and be determined to change your health and fitness.


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