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The Health Benefits Of Proper Sleep

There is a number of health benefits to getting proper sleep. It is advisable to get a decent amount of rest every night, as this will help to maintain your health. Failing to get a proper sleep it can lead to number of health conditions, as sleep is needed for restoration of the body. Research has conducted into the health benefits of proper sleep.

One of the main health conditions that lack of sleep can lead to is fibromyalgia. This is a condition that actually affected between two and four per cent of the population and it tends to affect females. This condition will affect the body with pain which is often described as flu like symptoms which never actually go away. A recent research study that was carried out found that insufficient and poor sleep was a one of the main predictors of pain in adults over the age of fifty.

The restoration aspect of sleep is one of the important things that was highlighted by the research study. The information that came from the research study has highlighted that a series of short catnaps together with a few caffeine hits will not be enough to keep the human body functioning, not even over a short period of time. The body really does need a proper sleep as the restoration part of sleep happens once you enter a deep sleep after a couple of hours of sleeping. It is at this point that dreaming also takes place and the human body releases the hormone for human growth and the cells are repaired.

There is three different areas that have an impact on the how restorative sleep actually is and how beneficial it is to health. The first thing that will have an impact is how many hours of sleep you actually have in a night. It is fair to say that everyone does have different requirements when it comes to sleep as everyones body is different.

Most people will need to have between seven and eight hours continuous sleep per night. There is some indicators that you may notice if you are not getting enough sleep and this includes waking up feeling sluggish, needing a cup of coffee to get started and also feeling the need to take naps during the day.

The second thing that will have an impact is the consistency of the sleep that you are actually having. Research has found that a more consistent time for sleep during the night will make it more restorative. This is one of the problems that shift workers tend to have as they do not get into a routine due to work hours changing from one week to the next. Try and get into a routine about what time you go to bed at night and what time you get up in the morning, as this will make your sleeping even more beneficial for your life.

The other thing that will have an impact on sleeping and the benefits of it is the intensity of the sleep that you actually manage to have. In order to get into the restorative phase of sleep you will need to get into a deep sleep. This phase will mean staying in a dark place that is quite for a few hours which is what is required by the entire sleep cycle.

The body and the brain both need to go through separate stages which happen during the course of a full nights sleep. It is important that the cycle is complete so that the body is restored and will enjoy the health benefits from experiencing deep rest.

There are many health issues that are associated with a lack of sleep and this includes fibromyalgia, premature aging, cancer and heart disease. During the sleep cycle growth takes place in the human body and cells are regenerated.


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