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Health And Fitness - Attitude And Determination

Health And Fitness - Attitude and Determination

In my travels, I see so many people around the world that dont seem to look after their health. I dont really understand why these people do this. We have one live and one body for a certain amount of years. If we look after ourselves with the right food and exercise we will last longer and enjoy life with our friends and family. Not only that, we will not get sick often and instead enjoy doing what we like longer. I believe its all a matter of attitude and determination, but how to train people to change their way of life? How to make these people believe that their present condition is not for long if they carry on doing the same thing? Its the old saying nothing changes and nothing will change Any abuse for long periods is always going to be drastic. We know what alcohol, drugs and tobacco just to mention a few can do when abused.

Going back to the original question, why people dont look after themselves? Can the reason be any of the following?

Time In todays now mentality, people tend to skip the basic things in life and concentrate in the more urgent or to do matters. One should realise that the most important item that matters is you. Take time to prepare simple nutritional meals that dont take more than 15 minutes to prepare. If you are home then there is no excuse. But if you are really stuck for time (say lunch time at work) and only have 30 minutes, bring the meal already prepared from home. There are many different recipes or methods to do this.

Money The only reason I think to use the non affordability excuse is when you are leaving in the street and really have no money. However, depending on the country you are living social security can be enough to give you the support to have a nutritious meal. I have been in many countries and seen many people in various levels of wealth. I cant remember seeing a poor person that was obese and when I say poor I mean much below the average standard in that society.

Habit This is the habit of buying what one has bought in the past or what one has taken a liking to. You must realise that habits can be powerful and hard to break. But analysing them can make you understand and help you approach things in a different way. Next time you go to the store to buy your groceries question each item you buy. Avoid habits by rotating and mixing different type of foods, like vegetables, meat, fish, legumes and fruit. Dont get caught using carbohydrates that have very low nutrition? Normally, these foods are cheaper, but not so nutritious and may even do more harm than good.

Innocence OK, so you dont know what you dont know! With todays information technology there is no reason why one should be innocent about looking after themselves. There is a lot of information in the internet, libraries and even your doctor that can give you enough knowledge to know what to do, dont be shy to ask.

Comfort Food Most so called comfort foods are ones that you feel good and happy eating them. However, most have high sugar content and bad carbohydrates. Instead, change to more wholesome foods and if you need a snack try a small portion of fruit or nuts to give your body the nutrition and hence the energy it needs.

No excuse! If you are not suffering from an illness or a medical condition that needs the intake of drugs that for whatever reason makes you put on weight (beyond the scope of this article), excuses are not acceptable. Get on with it, change your attitude and be determined to change your health and fitness.

Surviving A Nuclear Explosion, Part 3

In the 2nd part of our Surviving a Nuclear Explosion series , we covered the astounding aftereffects of a nuclear explosion.

We learned how radioactive fireballs can be created instantly upon the detonation of a nuclear weapon and how tons upon tons of earth can easily be displaced by such an explosion to create radioactive fallout.

In our 3rd and last post for this series, we are going to discuss the essential guidelines that will help you deal with the immediate aftermath of a nuclear explosion.

I will also be sharing with you some excellent tips on how to prepare for a possible nuclear explosion so that you can keep your family relatively safe and well afterward.

How can you prepare your family for a nuclear-related emergency?

Your chances of survival depend on how much preparation youre willing to carry out in the name of disaster preparedness.

What is the first step?

If youve read our entire series on nuclear explosions, youve already begun fulfilling the first requirement of disaster preparedness which is be aware.

Knowing what youre up against is important especially if youre dealing with manmade disasters like nuclear incidents. Knowing what to expect can also help you negotiate risky situations such as going out into the open or travelling into areas that are nearest the nuclear blasts.

Nuclear Blast Guidelines

Below are several emergency preparations that you need to carry out in order to be fully equipped in the event of a nuclear emergency:

1. Stock Sufficient Disaster Supplies Aim to stock 30 days worth of food and clean water first. Store your food and water in durable containers that can be covered tightly.

Here are some additional supplies and equipment that you will definitely need if youre holed up in a nuclear shelter or bunker in the basement:

i. Kerosene stove & kerosene ii. Lighters and matches iii. Disposable plates, cups and eating utensils iv. Battery operated radio v. Battery operated flashlights and lamps vi. Two-way radio (optional but extremely useful in communicating with local law enforcement and emergency personnel) vii. Generous supply of batteries for your battery-operated devices viii. Sharp carving knife ix. Collection of compact carpentry, electrical and mechanist tools x. Plastic bags for different purposes xi. A large roll of durable string xii. Thick rope xiii. At least one large fire extinguisher that can handle gas, electrical and ordinary fires. xiv. Tissue paper and paper towel rolls

2. Be Prepared to Put Out Fires There is an overwhelmingly common belief that once a nuclear bomb goes off, everything is going to be burned and pulverized right down to the last molecule.

This type of destruction only happens in movies. In reality, the widespread destruction caused by a nuclear explosion is actually due to fires starting in different locations all at once.

Nuclear fallout doesnt directly cause the mass damage and uncontrollable fires associated with a blast its the shockwave and immense heat that you have to be really careful about. As for the radioactive fallout, that wont even come for another 30 to 40 minutes after an actual blast.

In the event that you live within the effective blast radius of a nuclear explosion, focus on keeping everyone safe and putting out fires inside your home. Heat from a nuclear blast is of course invisible but it doesnt mean that it cant cause fires. Curtains, wooden furniture, office supplies these are just some of the things that can easily catch fire.

3. Familiarize Yourself with First Aid and Basic Home Nursing

Due to the extreme nature of manmade disasters like nuclear blasts, physical injuries are exceedingly common and everyone living/working within the effective radius of a nuclear explosion is at risk.

Knowing first aid is essential to the survival of your loved ones, should they experience burns and other injuries after a blast. Below are some skills that you should learn/acquire in preparation for disasters:

i. Caring for an unconscious individual ii. Transporting injured persons iii. Basic wound care (including cleaning/disinfection and application of proper dressings) iv. Caring for bone injuries or fractures v. Caring for infants, children and seniors vi. Emotional counseling and psychological support for victims of disasters vii. Care for individuals that may have been exposed to high levels of radiation. viii. Proper removal of radioactive materials from clothes and the body

These are just some of the essential skills that are absolutely vital for your familys survival in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion. Try to read survival manuals or attend first aid seminars to learn more about these skills.

Using Public Bp Monitoring Machine

Many people that are required to observe their BP at home are suddenly faced with the problem of choosing a bp monitoring machine for personal use. If they're used to using the one available in their doctor's clinic, having a plethora of choices is something rather disconcerting at first. Since this is something necessary when learning how to lower blood pressure quickly, let's take a quick look at the types available for home use.

The blood pressure machine has to be on full load battery every single time; any drop in the battery load can affect the machine's credibility in reading the diastolic and systolic pressures. An extra thing to be aware of is that not all of the blood pressure machine come equipped for the one who is getting the test. The size of the BP cuff is very important in reading the pressures and if the cuff is either too small or too big, the reading will most definitely be affected.

The best course of action when monitoring BP is to go to the doctor's clinic and have a check there; and of course, to get a personal or home use BP machine which the doctor will recommend. There are a lot out there that are branded and well known and proven but are expensive, and there are also a lot out there that are less known and cheap. Which to trust is a question that only the doctor can answer as they are the ones who are especially familiar with the blood pressure machine that it is a part or an extension of their arm.

Once deciding on a BP machine for the home monitoring, make sure to take notes of the battery consumption and always take down the results. A well kept BP chart can go a long way to the doctor who will appreciate and value the numbers written down as it will record the daily BP of their patient. Not only that, but the number can be used to predict if there are any drastic or dramatic changes in blood pressure and the need to adjust medication will be necessary.

While the patient learns how to lower blood pressure quickly, daily monitoring should be the norm. Coupled with a detailed diary of results, this is an invaluable resource for the attending physician when determining if the medications should be adjusted, changed, or done away with entirely. It's also good for when the patient isn't feeling well - the pressure levels can be taken, and the results phoned in immediately to the physician or attending nurse if necessary.

A BP machine is one of the invaluable assets that are found in any doctor's office or clinic; it will be an invaluable asset to any home where a need to monitor the BP can be done randomly and at any given time. Remember to make sure that the blood pressure machine is fully charged for any fluctuations in its batteries can influence the numbers that finally come out.

The Health Benefits Of Proper Sleep

There is a number of health benefits to getting proper sleep. It is advisable to get a decent amount of rest every night, as this will help to maintain your health. Failing to get a proper sleep it can lead to number of health conditions, as sleep is needed for restoration of the body. Research has conducted into the health benefits of proper sleep.

One of the main health conditions that lack of sleep can lead to is fibromyalgia. This is a condition that actually affected between two and four per cent of the population and it tends to affect females. This condition will affect the body with pain which is often described as flu like symptoms which never actually go away. A recent research study that was carried out found that insufficient and poor sleep was a one of the main predictors of pain in adults over the age of fifty.

The restoration aspect of sleep is one of the important things that was highlighted by the research study. The information that came from the research study has highlighted that a series of short catnaps together with a few caffeine hits will not be enough to keep the human body functioning, not even over a short period of time. The body really does need a proper sleep as the restoration part of sleep happens once you enter a deep sleep after a couple of hours of sleeping. It is at this point that dreaming also takes place and the human body releases the hormone for human growth and the cells are repaired.

There is three different areas that have an impact on the how restorative sleep actually is and how beneficial it is to health. The first thing that will have an impact is how many hours of sleep you actually have in a night. It is fair to say that everyone does have different requirements when it comes to sleep as everyones body is different.

Most people will need to have between seven and eight hours continuous sleep per night. There is some indicators that you may notice if you are not getting enough sleep and this includes waking up feeling sluggish, needing a cup of coffee to get started and also feeling the need to take naps during the day.

The second thing that will have an impact is the consistency of the sleep that you are actually having. Research has found that a more consistent time for sleep during the night will make it more restorative. This is one of the problems that shift workers tend to have as they do not get into a routine due to work hours changing from one week to the next. Try and get into a routine about what time you go to bed at night and what time you get up in the morning, as this will make your sleeping even more beneficial for your life.

The other thing that will have an impact on sleeping and the benefits of it is the intensity of the sleep that you actually manage to have. In order to get into the restorative phase of sleep you will need to get into a deep sleep. This phase will mean staying in a dark place that is quite for a few hours which is what is required by the entire sleep cycle.

The body and the brain both need to go through separate stages which happen during the course of a full nights sleep. It is important that the cycle is complete so that the body is restored and will enjoy the health benefits from experiencing deep rest.

There are many health issues that are associated with a lack of sleep and this includes fibromyalgia, premature aging, cancer and heart disease. During the sleep cycle growth takes place in the human body and cells are regenerated.

How Men Make Changes To Themselves

How men can make changes to their body and well being by adopting good habits and exercising.

Making changes to the body and staying happy is not rocket science. Everyone deserves peace. The secret mantra to make a positive change to the body is three pronged.

They are:

-Have a positive outlook -Avoid bad habits; and -Eat good food, sleep well and exercise.

Cultivate a positive outlook: A positive mind breeds positive action and the environment also has positive vibrations. A man can come across as charismatic and in demand only because of his Positive thoughts.

Avoid bad habits: A man should strive to be away from addiction and substance abuse. Bad habits like overt drinking and doing drugs is a sure way to doom.

Eat Good food, Exercise and Sleep well: A man must eat the best food that his money can buy for him. There is no point compromising on food. Everybody works hard to eat three meals a day. If the person does not eat well, he may end up spending time, money and energy at the doctors and medical institutes.

A fresh green vegetable salad can bring about a soothing feeling. Good food will make him strong, endow him with fertility, strengthen his immunity, fix his DNA, make him smarter, improve mental clarity and increase his reasoning and cognitive skills. Food rich in phytonutrients like green leafy vegetables and lean meat like sea food and poultry are said to be mood enhancers and can give high energy and relax sore muscles. Exercising not only improves the exterior appearance of the person but also the interior. It has been noticed that men who exercise at least three times in a week report few or nil cases of body shaming. The same set of people show extremely high level of efficiency at their work too. It decreases the level of stress in the body. It wards off allergies and infections, works as pain killer, fights addictions, increases life span, makes him fertile and helps to maintain youthful looks of the person. Exercise is believed to improve creative thinking in men.

In short exercise is a miracle drug. It can ward off disease as varied as diabetes to the scariest king of all maladies, Cancer.

A good eight hour sleep is like an elixir to the soul. By resting well, the body gets geared to face newer challenges. The stress levels are well managed. There are no violent temper flushes and less preoccupation with lesser important things. It should be also be noted that you as a man can change just about anything you set your mind to. For many men there are factors that prohibit growth and healthy self esteem. One of these factors is endowment, a subject of great debate. This like anything else can be changed using the sizegenetics system. Add this to a healthy life style and nothing will be able to stop you.